Drivers scan bills of ladings within 24 hours of load completion and keep originals.

 The shop puts  a   sticker   in  your window upon completion of every service .  Trucks are to be serviced once every 20,000 miles. It is the drivers resposiblity to notify  your driver manager 3000 miles before service is due to coordinate a service at the shop.

To all drivers please click hyperlink for payroll tracking

Please log in to view processed loads and settlement of pay to occur on upcoming settlement check. Driver Payroll Tracker


Driver recruitment 

We have drivers recruitment brochures available.  Ask your Driver Manager or Human Resources for them. We also have business cards for drivers to hand out. There is an area for the recruiter to sign their name.

 Air capitol will pay 250.00 to the recruiter after the new driver has made it 6 months with Air capitol.

Safety topics of the month:   Safety Videos!

Air capitol has started to require all drivers to watch one safety video per Quarter. The videos are a refresher or continued education dependent on experience level.

The videos are interactive. The videos state facts and then follow up with a question and answer section to be completed by the driver.  The topic will change each quarter.

Voluntary videos are also encouraged to view and you will receive points if they are completed. 5 points per video.

Professional Drivers please apply.

Dedicated routes and consistent home time.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together!         

Driver of the Year ( 2016)

Barry Wimberley

Barry has been our Driver of the Year for 2 years running now. He is a hard worker and does a great job training our new drivers just getting out of school.

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