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Drivers scan bills of ladings within 24 hours of load completion and turn in the originals to the office.

 The shop puts  a   sticker   in  your window upon completion of every service .  Trucks are to be serviced once every 20,000 miles. It is the drivers resposiblity to notify  your driver manager 3000 miles before service is due to coordinate a service at the shop.


Driver recruitment 

Refer a Driver to Air Capitol Delivery and Warehouse, LLC. , for an open driving position, and if that referral passes the required testing and is hired, you will be eligible for the following Referral Bonus,
provided you are still employed by ACDW.
$1000.00 per Referral Paid as follows:
After the referral has been employed for 90 consecutive days - $250.00
After the referral has been employed for 180 consecutive days - $250.00
After the referral has been employed for 365 consecutive days - $500.00
If the referral voluntarily resigns or is involuntarily terminated prior to any of the above events occurring, then the bonus will not be applicable, and will not be paid to the person who referred them.

Drivers with Pets


Professional Drivers please apply.

Dedicated routes and consistent home time.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together!         

July Driver Anniversaries 

Bruce Distler

Raul Lopez- Cordero 

Frank Ginther

Rick Cross

Ralph Crouse

Richard Criger