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Successful roadside inspections begin with proper pre- and post trip vehicle inspections.    


* Review the DVIR and ensure that repairs have been completed correctly.

* Inspect the brakes for any deficiencies and verify they are working properly.

* Check emergency equipment and ensure that it is in its proper place.

*  Make sure there are no cracks in your windshield or mirrors.  


* Maintain your logs. Have paper logs available for 8 days if needed.

* Ensure you have enough available hours to complete your trip

*  Verify that your medical card is current and  CDL is valid.  

After starting the truck, ALL drivers need to wait until their air bags are inflated.  
There are “leveling valves” that will fall down, into place and lock to help keep the load “level”.
If tyou start the truck and immediately take off,  you are done it WRONG!!
Here are some pics for you to help understand. 

Oscar has said the solution for this is, wait 10 or 15 minutes for air, if the air hasn’t popped the valve into place, they can release the Trailer parking brakes and while pulling down on the Johnny Bar (hand trailer service brakes) backing up.  This will allow the air bags to rise and unlock the suspension bottom lock.  

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Safety Brakes 

Backing Tips

Only back up your vehicle when it is absolutely necessary.

Remember to use the G.O.A.L Method    GET OUT AND LOOK  

When starting or backing up, walk around the vehicle to ensure there are no hazards, objects, or pedestrians which may be stuck.