Top 5 Riskiest Roads for Truck Drivers 2020:

Allentown, Pa.:    Interstate 78, East of W. Emaus Avenue 
Lambsburg, Va.:    Interstate 77, near Old Pipers Gap Road 
Albuquerque, N.M.:     Interstate 40, near Coyote Springs Road SE 
Durham, N.C.:     Interstate 85, near University Station Road 
Lebanon, N.J.:           Interstate 78, near Cokesbury Road

Safety & Compliance 


Director of Safety:​

                 Herman at  316-491-5760


At Lytx®, we harness the power of video and data to enable fleets to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. We’re trusted by more than 4,000 fleets that log billions of miles worldwide each year, contributing to a vast and ever-growing database of driving data we use to refine the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions. 

Riskiest city for truck drivers in 2020

#1  Chicago
#2  Dallas
Day of the week with the most collisions   Tuesday
Day of the week with the fewest collisions           Sunday
Time of day with the most near collisions       5 a.m. to noon

Drivers "Little Known Facts" Corner

​​We are glad to be working with carriers edge for enhanced training oppurtunities for our drivers

Drivers are eligible for discounted membership to protect their CDL.

Backing Tips:

Only back up your vehicle when it is absolutely necessary.

Remember to use the G.O.A.L  Method                                    (GET OUT AND LOOK ) 

When starting a backing maneuver, walk around the vehicle to ensure there are no hazards, objects, or pedestrians which may be struck. 

ALL of our Equipment Features the

 1. Active Brake Assist (ABA) 5.0
 2. Full braking on moving and stopped          pedestrians

 3. Full braking on moving, stopped and          stationary objects

 4. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to 0              mph

 5. Lane Departure Warning

 6. Traffic Sign Display

 7. Intelligent High-Beam

 8. Automatic Wipers/Headlamps

 9. Tailgate Warning

On Time & Under Budget - (866) 598-9005

Successful roadside inspections begin with proper pre- and post trip vehicle inspections.    


* Review the DVIR and ensure that repairs have been completed correctly.

* Inspect the brakes for any deficiencies and verify they are working properly.

* Check emergency equipment and ensure that it is in its proper place.

*  Make sure there are no cracks in your windshield or mirrors.  


*Keep Trucking is our provider  for our        ELD system.  

* Ensure you have enough available hours to complete your trip

*  Verify that your medical card is current and  CDL is valid.